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Securing a Solaris Server - History of this Web Page

  1. Introduction
  2. History of this Web Page
  3. Overview
  4. Network Topology
  5. System Hardware Configuration
  6. Initial Installation
  7. Minimizing Solaris
  8. Minimizing Network Services
  9. Remove the Solaris Installation Leftovers
  10. Install Necessary Third Party Packages
  11. Close the Doors
  12. Obscure the Tracks
  13. Post the Warnings
  14. Perform System Backups
  15. Watch for Changes
  16. Sources of Tools
  17. Bibliography


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2. History of this Web Page

I have several computers that the SDSC is kind enough to allow me to place directly on the Internet. One of the policies they have is that if a system is broken into, it will be confiscated for investigation. In order to keep this from occurring, I researched how to secure them. Since there were multiple systems (same operating system), I documented what I had done, so that I could do it again. Tom Perrine, SDSC's senior computer security expert at that time, saw what I had done, and suggested that I give a presentation on it.

Instead of a presentation, I decided to create a paper. This web page is that paper.

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