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Securing a Solaris Server - Perform System Backups

  1. Introduction
  2. History of this Web Page
  3. Overview
  4. Network Topology
  5. System Hardware Configuration
  6. Initial Installation
  7. Minimizing Solaris
  8. Minimizing Network Services
  9. Remove the Solaris Installation Leftovers
  10. Install Necessary Third Party Packages
  11. Close the Doors
  12. Obscure the Tracks
  13. Post the Warnings
  14. Perform System Backups
  15. Watch for Changes
  16. Sources of Tools
  17. Bibliography


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14. Perform System Backups

System backups of servers should be done on a regular basis. The backups of the system file systems should be done to non-networked media that can be read after performing only a CORE install, or even better, from the boot CDROM. Networked backup usually requires that much more than the CORE install be done to perform a restore, and may not be appropriate for the system file-systems (i.e. root, /usr and /var).

Additionally, if an intrusion occurs, there is no guarantee that you will be able to identify all the files that have been modified. For that reason, the suggested resolution is to either reinstall from scratch, or to rebuild from backups that you know to be from prior to the intrusion.

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